AUTOGRAPH REQUESTS: Just a quick reminder that unfortunately, the official Mungo Jerry website – – are unable to provide autographs due to the overwhelming volume of requests.

Ray and the band are of course happy to chat and give autographs for fans at any of their live shows.

NEWS FROM RAY: “There will be more dates on the way plus a tour in September. The book and movie are pressing onward and release is expected in October.

“I am working with a PR and promo set up in Germany for the German speaking interested parties, German is the most spoke language in Europe. I am also working with PR and promo set up in the UK for the English speaking communities.

“I want the band to be featured in the documentary playing live at a show and also maybe recording talking and jamming.

“I am also putting more songs together so that there will be a new album to coincide with the projects as well as getting the outstanding stuff finally out of the way, and that includes the rock a billy album.

MUNGO JERRY AT PIZZA EXPRESS, HOLBORN  – SOLD OUT : Ray and the band are booked to appear at Pizza Express, Holborn, London on February 1st. The gig is now SOLD OUT!

Click HERE for more info.

Click HERE for Pizza Express’s social media handles.

Xstreme sleeve.NEW ALBUM : XSTREME : The brand new Mungo Jerry studio album is now available to buy as a download from Spotify, including the new single Messing Around – Charleston Electro-Beat mix.

The physical albums are with a German company, HDSevenUs and the UK distributor that ships worldwide is Cargo. One Media IP deals with Spotify, iTunes etc.

There is some stock in the Mungo online shop along with the other merchandise. Click HERE to buy.

Recorded by Ray and the band, it is ‘xstremely’ good, a vibrant, in-your-face collection of Ray Dorset compositions, covering blues-rock, 50’s style rock ‘n roll, jug band and reggae.

We now have a page dedicated to the album – just click Xstreme – where we have reviews, including Mick O’Hanlon’s and Uli Twelker track-by-track take – and Ray talking about each track.

You can also purchase the Touch The Sky album from the shop now.

Touch The Sky features the new studio tracks that appeared as part of the Rewind double-CD, along with three live recordings from a gig in Germany.

To order, click HERE

ROB KAMPHUES – NEW WEBSITE : Our friend Rob Kamphues has a brand new website covering his vast Mungo Jerry collection, believed to be the biggest in the world.

He has everything from worldwide singles, albums, cassettes, 8-tracks, CD’s, autograph cards, press cuttings, posters, memorabilia, pictorial records of gigs he has attended and much more.

Click HERE to check it out.

TERRY EVENETT: Ray pictured backstage at the Half Moon gig with top man & Pye studio engineer Terry Evenett.

It was Terry that was responsible for the recording of In the Summertime when Howard Barrow asked him to take care of a session.

Terry was also engineer on those early recordings for Dawn.

As ever, the band went down very well…

“Thank you to Ray Dorset and band for a blistering gig last night!”…Half Moon, Putney.

“Awesome gig last night at the iconic Half Moon, Putney, London. I’ve waited 50 years to do the gig there and it was worth the wait, thanks to all that came and made a great night and thanks to my very special wonderful band members”…Ray Dorset.

MUNGO JERRY IN OSLO : Ray pictured during his recent trip to Oslo. The band with him are Oslo Plektrum who had a hit with their version of Lady Rose with Norwegian words and a title change. The guitarist played with The Stranglers.

Mungo Jerry Gold sleeve.NEW 3CD COMPILATION & GOLD VINYL : Available to order now, Mungo Jerry ‘Gold’. 45 feel good tracks on 3CDs and Gold coloured 180g Heavyweight vinyl.

Featuring 45 classic feel good tracks, 8 UK top 40 hits.

Includes the international chart topper In The Summertime, Baby Jump (No.1), Lady Rose (No.5), You Don’t Have To Be In The Army To Fight In The War (No.13), and Alright Alright Alright (No.3).

Look out for the Saturday and Sunday Express and also Record Collector for press articles.

Released on the 30th August. Just £5.99 on CD from Amazon.

To order, click HERE

Average positions on Amazon; Customer reviews – ***** 5 stars. #15 Blues/Rock chart, #69 Box Sets (CD’s & vinyl), #26 Pop/Rock.

CD1: In The Summertime/Mighty Man/Johnny B.Badde/Sad Eyed Joe/Maggie/See Me/My Friend/Santo Antonio, Santo Francisco/Baby Jump/The Man Behind The Piano/Lady Rose (single version)/Have a Whiff On Me/Somebody Stole My Wife/She Rowed/Follow Me Down.

CD2: You Don’t Have To Be In The Army To Fight In The War/Memoirs Of a Stockbroker/You Better Leave That Whisky Alone/The Sun Is Shining/Take Me Back/Northcote Arms/There’s a Man Going Round Taking Names/Simple Things/On a Sunday/We Shall Be Free/Open Up (single version)/Going Back Home/I Don’t Wanna Go Back To School/My Girl & Me (single version)/No Girl Reaction.

CD3: Summer’s Gone/46 & On (single version)/She’s Gone/Looking For My Girl/Alright Alright Alright/Little Miss Hipshake/Wild Love/Glad I’m a Rocker/Long Legged Woman Dressed In Black/Gonna Bop ‘Til I Drop/All Dressed Up And No Place To Go/Shake ‘Til I Break/Don’t Stop/Too Fast To Live And Too Young To Die/Say Goodnight.

LP: (Side 1) In The Summertime/Mighty Man/Baby Jump/Lady Rose (single version)/Maggie/You Don’t Have To Be In The Army To Fight In The War (Side 2) Open Up (single version)/My Girl & Me (Single version)/Alright Alright Alright/Wild Love/Long Legged Woman Dressed In Black/All Dressed Up And No Place To Go.

Ray Clark's book about Weeley.MUNGO JERRY ON THE ONE SHOW : Ray’s contribution to the B.B.C programme, The One Show and their feature on the 1971 Weeley Festival, was shown on last June.

The piece was inspired by Ray Clark’s excellent book about the festival and is well worth buying, with several references and photos of Mungo Jerry. To buy click HERE

By chance, I came across the original promo film (checkout the sidebar) for You Don’t Have To Be In The Army To Fight In The War, shot at the Weeley Festival in 1971.

FACEBOOK : There is a Mungo Jerry discussion page up-and-running on Facebook, something else I came across by accident. Click HERE and log-in to have a look.

THE BOOK : Ray updated on the latest position regarding the forthcoming book, “Mick has written about 480 pages for the forthcoming Mungo Jerry book, You Don’t Have To Be In The Army To Fight In The War, so far and we are working out how to include all of the facts that have so far been left out”.

Mick has been working on the book for some time and having seen a draft, it promises to be a must for all fans.


Now available from the official Mungo Jerry on-line shop are two brilliant DVD/CD’s.

Firstly, the long awaited Mungo Jerry movie, 24 Days, a documentary style record of Ray and the band’s tour of Germany, Switzerland and Belgium during the summer of 2016.

Marc Viscel with DVD's.
Marc Viscel with his copies.

The package is completed by a complete recording of the tour’s last gig in Baden Baden, a show performed for the German national radio station, SWR, and broadcast live, playing out to a black and white version of the movie.

The second DVD is film of the Bansko Jazz Festival gig the band performed in 2017. A CD of the gig containing featured tracks is also included in the package.

LIVE 2020

1st February Pizza Express, Holborn, London – SOLD OUT

Doors 18.30, On stage 20.30  – more info

(Social media handles – click HERE)

6th June Voigtland Radio Festival, Greiz, Germany
27th June Shake and Stir Festival, Bournemouth – more info
1st July Mittwochs in Werl Festival, Werl, Germany
1st August Festival Blues and More, Burg Schlaining, Austria – more info
16th August Farmer Phil’s Festival, Near Gatten Farm, Ratlinghope, Shropshire – more info