Welcome to our Mungo Jerry news page. Here you will find all the latest on our ‘mighty man’ and his band.

BRITAIN’S BIGGEST 70’S HITS: Britain’s Biggest 70s Hits (EP 1: 1970) was broadcast on Friday 22nd October at 10pm on Channel 5 in the UK. Ray participated in the series with comments on some of the music featured.

NEW SOMELIGHT PAGE: Click HERE to visit our new SOMELIGHT page for early reviews of Mungo Jerry’s new album.

We can now post the brilliant new video for the very sobering Somelight album track, A Plea For The Planet which is part of the Minds Behind The Music project.

They said;

“…This Is A Really Great Video Clip, Wonderful…”Rob Kamphues

“…Brilliant!…”Brian Cook

“…This is fantastic (God bless you Ray)…” Marc Viscel

“…F*****g awesome…” – Derek Wadeson

You can also check out this relevant piece (found by JJ) about Minds Behind The Music.

Just click HERE

1970 U.S.A TOUR: Click HERE to read an interesting story by Steve Miller regarding the gig he shared with Mungo Jerry at the Fillmore East in 1970.

GB NEWS UK: Ray has recorded an interview for GB News UK with Dan Wootton.

To watch the footage click HERE

BOOM RADIO: Here’s one for your diaries (if you have one). Ray Dorset will be featured on Boom Radio as part of their Still Busy Living series on the 7th of November at 8 p.m. There is no catch-up facility so if you want to hear the broadcast, you will have to listen in live. Link below…


NEWS SNIPPETS: Ray is recording some stuff for a Channel 5 TV series covering the top hit records from all of those decades. He has also arranged to do a live interview from home for GB News at 10pm in early October.

A new book by Peter Checksfield has just been published about the legendary TV show Top Of The Pops.


There are several pictures and recollections by Ray Dorset included and to purchase, just click HERE

NEW ALBUM ‘SOMELIGHT’: Ray Dorset (aka Mungo Jerry) has now completed the new album, Somelight. Recorded remotely, there are twelve tracks in total and having had a preview, I can say that it is top draw with as the title suggests, ‘some lighter tracks along with some rockers’.

The wonderful Bruce Brand has taken care of the artwork.


We now have our new SOMELIGHT page (which is a work in progress) with early reviews of the album by Mick O’Hanlon, Derek Wadeson, Alan Taylor & John Van Der Kiste.

Click HERE to visit the page.

DAN PETER INTERVIEW: Just added to ‘magic is an interview Ray did with Dan Peter (largely in German) in Ludwigsburg some time ago, around 2010 it seems. It can also be viewed on Facebook by clicking the link below.


RAY ON THE ALEX DYKE SHOW: Ray spoke to Alex Dyke at 11 pm UK time on Friday night (23/07/21) on Radio Solent which was set to go out on 6 BBC radio stations. Alex played In The Summertime and That’s the Colour of Love and you can still listen by clicking on the link below.


NEW ONLINE STORE: The brand new Mungo Jerry online store is now up and running. It features the merchandise from and will, in time, feature new box sets and new pressings of previously released albums. Just click on the link below to visit the store.


MERCHANDISE STORE: Powered by Envista Branding, the Mungo Jerry merchandise store is also up and running. Here, you can buy t-shirts, coffee mugs, bags and caps. Again, just click on the link below.


NEWS SNIPPETS: JJ has come up with a few bits of news following his holiday in Cyprus.

Like in 2020, on KISS FM, it’s summertime! Every 2 hours, we had a jingle with Shaggy and Mungo Jerry’s original played on air. Summer, in Cyprus, is from May to October so there are many, many airplays!

In a French/Belgian comic, it’s 1970 and the Daddy is singing In The Summertime. Click to link below to view


JJ also found a German adverts for:



MUNGO ON THE HERITAGE CHART: Peaking at number at 3. You can still vote – ONCE EVERY WEEK – by clicking HERE – for the That’s The Colour Of Love on the Heritage chart. 

TOBY HOUNSHAM:  Mungo Jerry’s brilliant keyboard player, Toby Hounsham’s plans to perform live on Facebook yesterday (27/06/21) were scuppered by a few gremlins.

Toby will re-schedule and will be playing tracks from his brand new album, Double Six. We’ll let you know when and how.

It is a collection of boogie-woogie numbers and is available either as a download or on CD by clicking HERE

Toby performed live on Facebook (28/05/21) and it should still be available to view by clicking HERE

RAY ON CELEBRITY POP QUIZ: Ray has taken part (via Zoom) in a celebrity pop quiz for the legendary DJ/Radio Presenter, Mike Read on the Nation Radio website. The show will be available to view on June 13th in many countries. How many did he get right? Click the link below to find out.


HOPE FM: Ray appeared on the Allan Turner Ward Show on Hope FM – around 15 minutes in. Just follow the link HERE to have a listen.

Mungo Jerry’s, That’s The Colour Of Love is the ‘Record Of The Month’ on Radio Glamorgan.

BREAKING NEWS: That’s The Colour Of Love will be featured from Thursday on the legendary Thomas Brockmann Radio Show and will be repeated on Frank Laufenberg’s Pop-Stop-das Musikradio.

CHATTERBOX UK: Ray had a one hour plus chat with Chatterbox UK yesterday and they will now dedicate a two hour program to Mungo Jerry. The first time that they have done this. It goes out syndicated to 62 stations around the world, some big and some very small. They have complete access to the former pirate radio station Radio North Sea content. I will find out exactly when it will go out and include a link.


Mungo Jerry’s new single, is That’s The Colour Of Love, “the song that I did for the Japanese mayo ad”, Ray told us.

It has been delivered to stores and will be released on the 28th of May.

A pre-save landing page has been created that you can access by clicking HERE

Fans can save the single in advance, and it will automatically be added to their library or chosen playlist on release day.

Prior to its release, That’s The Colour Of Love was at No 16 on the Nation Radio Heritage chart.  It would be nice if you could vote for it by following the link.

You can register your vote – ONCE EVERY WEEK – by clicking HERE – let’s see if we can get it to number one?

The radio presenter Mike Read said, “From In The Summertime to That’s The Colour Of Love, Mungo Jerry still have the lightness of touch and the feelgood factor.

“Well done Raymondo! Up to 6 on the Heritage chart”.

There were over 1,000 hits on YouTube on the first day and a day later, passed 2,000, and is now over 12,000!

Click HERE to read a piece on That’s The Colour Of Love in the German magazine – MUSIX.

MICK O’HANLON’S REVIEW:  There is something in this song that the world needs now!

This YouTube delight contains 3:24 minutes of the carefree, good-time music you expect from Ray Dorset, (aka Mungo Jerry).

Your feet will be tapping along to its easy, infectious beat as the irresistible Mungo groove carries you along its neat melody.

As catchy as other Mungo classics, the song is light, bright, and as uplifting as when the sun comes out from behind the clouds.

The video is full of sunlight and style and it perfectly complements the song.  Treats include a montage of multiple Ray Dorset’s, playing an array of instruments including guitars, piano, bass, banjo, accordion and even the ubiquitous Mungo Jerry jug!

Sunny scenes of nature in all its splendour carry the song along its melodic path to the last beat that leaves you wanting more. This little piece of uncomplicated genius could help us whistle and hum our way happily through lockdown.

Style is a way of saying something about yourself without speaking. This musical pick-me-up is cheerful, sunlit, Mungo Jerry style, at its best.

Bravo, Ray Dorset!

Mick O’Hanlon.


“…Happy days are back…”

“Loving the new tune., it has that cool happy vibe everybody wants but can never find…”

“…very catchy, like it!…”

“I just wanted to say, that new song is fantastic. I cannot get it out of my head. So happy and positive. Great tune and great lyrics. Well done…”

“…still making happy music. Love it!…”

“…Excellent, hope to hear it and other songs live soon…”

“…Gotta luv this man, always brings a smile to my face…”

There is already a cover version on YouTube that you can check out by clicking HERE

A BIG THANK YOU FROM RAY: For those of you who didn’t know, Ray has had major heart surgery and is now recovering at home. This of course will impact on his scheduled live appearances and it is unlikely that he will be playing any live shows this year.

“Apparently I’ve made very good progress, so big, big thanks for all of the prayers & well wishes.

“I will use the recovery time to get the book completed & the album too. I may be able to plan some PA’s for later in the year.

“Take care”  – Ray.

IT’S PSYCHEDELIC BABY: Ray has found time to pass on a link to an interesting article for It’s Psychedelic Baby magazine. Just click HERE

IT WAS 50 YEARS AGO: …  that Lady Rose, composed by Ray Dorset entered the chart in the last week of May 1971 and reached a peak of number 5 in late June and stayed in the chart until August 1971.

It was voted the favourite song by Mungo Jerry as voted for by fans in a 2020 poll.

UK Lady Rose sleeve.
UK Lady Rose sleeve.

RAY DORSET on Lady Rose… “I wrote this song on my twelve-string guitar very quickly on my return from the first U.S.A tour and demoed it in my maisonette and it definitely had some magic.

“When we recorded it in the studio it was done pretty much the same except that Colin added his distinctive piano style to it and John played what I think was the perfect bass line for the track.

I played all of the guitars, percussion and harmonica and of course did the vocals”.

COLIN EARL :Lady Rose was a deserved hit. The BBC having made yet another corporate fool of itself by banning it as soon as someone heard Have a Whiff On Me on the B-side.

“A few years previously, they had of course made a hit of Lonnie Donegan’s ‘Drink On Me’ version. Ours was a faithful rendition of the song – totally in character with the band and its heritage. Castrate it and we’ll play it”.

BARRY MURRAY:Lady Rose, what a great song, and you know it was going to be the third No.1 until some pillock stood up in the House Of Commons and said his piece.

“What got me was that the ‘Beeb’ had played Have a Whiff On Me five times in the last year from live sessions, before they shit themselves.

“Pye wanted to change the track listing for the maxi, they just lost their bottle.

“I thought it should have stayed, after all, it was a traditional song but the time in repressing cost it dear, as it does in this business.

“Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep stepped in and that was that! We could have got an awful lot of coverage from the press and media and turned it to our advantage. Look what Frankie Goes To Hollywood did in the ’80’s”?

We are all aware of a lot of In The Summertime covers out there but check out this truly amazing a cappella version sourced by our friend, John Hornhaver from Denmark. Truly outstanding!


Owing to problems which have occurred because of the Covid-19 pandemic as well as the new rules and regulations that have been brought about by Brexit. There have been some delays with the Mungo Jerry shop merchandise reaching its destination.

So please accept our sincere apologies for this even though it’s out of our hands.

We have now come come to an agreement for all of the non-music MJ merchandise to be serviced by Envista Branding.

There will be a significant amount of new MJ products in the shop over the next few weeks.

We have also entered into an agreement for Gonzo Media to take over all of the physical music product.

This company is headed by Rob Ayling. Our relationship with Rob goes back many years.

In fact, he was the guy that was responsible for distributing and marketing the MJ recording of songs about Newcastle United Football Club. One of those records spent time in the UK music charts.

There will be archive vinyl and CD’s as well as new box sets and new pressings of previously released albums.

Keep an eye on the Mungo Jerry websites and social media platforms.

All digital sales and streaming is taken care of by One Media. This company will also be marketing and distributing the forthcoming Ray Dorset/Mungo Jerry Touch The Sky podcast.

Click HERE to view and have a listen to a new advert for Kewpie doing the rounds in Japan with a song composed and performed by Ray called The Colour Of Love.

Click HERE to read DJ Jon Kutner’s nice piece on In The Summertime.

JJ has unearthed a few videos of cover versions of In The Summertime and they are now located on this page, 50 YEARS OLD and the HOME page.

Mungo Jerry debut album, In The Summertime, U.S.A.
Mungo Jerry debut album, In The Summertime, U.S.A.

By clicking HERE, you can also watch this reaction video sourced by John Hornhaver in Denmark.

And HERE to watch an instrumental guitar piece for In The Summertime.

John Van Der Kiste has just informed us that Mungo Jerry’s debut album reached No.64 in the Billboard charts way back in 1970. Click HERE to view the chart.

PLAY ALONG TO MUNGO JERRY: If you have a musical instrument, here’s some Mungo stuff that you can do at home. Maybe there are other Mungo medley options?

Click HERE

IN THE SUMMERTIME – ZDF: Here is video of Ray performing In The Summertime on ZDF Fernsehgarten – 9/8/20.

Click HERE to view.

THE PAUL LESLIE HOUR INTERVIEW: Here is another great interview with Ray on The Paul Leslie Hour in the States.

Click HERE to listen.

IT WAS 50 YEARS AGO: …  that Baby Jump, Mungo Jerry’s second maxi-single and of course, became their second consecutive UK number in the last week of February by knocking George Harrison’s My Sweet Lord off the coveted top spot. Baby Jump kept the Mungo sound-a-like rip off The Pushbike Song by The Mixtures from the top of the charts also. The Mixtures had also issued a single (and chart hit) of their version of In The Summertime in their native Australia.

Baby Jump was voted the best UK number one of 1970 on this online blog.

UK Baby Jump sleeve.
UK Baby Jump sleeve.

RAY DORSET on choosing Baby Jump… “We recorded Have a Whiff On Me at the A & R Studio in New York, a place that has some major pedigree.

“Barry was producing and he picked up on Have a Whiff On Me due to the popularity of the song with our live audiences. I think that we had already recorded it for two B.B.C sessions by this time.

“Barry was not 100% convinced of our recording and he asked me to get to work in writing some more songs that would make possible singles. But, in the back of his mind was the fact that when we played what was to become Baby Jump live, this created an overwhelming crowd reaction. This was the groove that set off the paper plates and water bottles at the festivals that I mentioned earlier, and we were playing that song about fourth in the set at the time”.

COLIN EARL : “Baby Jump, originally Brand New Cadillac by Vince Taylor, but with new words by Ray, emerged and was a great visual number for Top Of The Pops, etc.

“We had been doing the original song for a couple of years, so it all went very smoothly, which is more than can be said about the initial reaction to it. But one ‘TOTP’ and it was a hit”.

BARRY MURRAY: “When we took so long in issuing the follow-up, Baby Jump, they (Pye) started panicking, especially when The Mixtures issued The Pushbike Song.

“Louis Benjamin thought we’d blown it, I didn’t, I knew that the band and the product were strong enough, we could afford to wait.

“With Baby Jump, I remember Pye having a pressing problem and I threw a wobbler about it, stocks came up from the factory quickly, then it re-entered the charts and did the business…No 1 again!”

For more from Ray about the song, check out our Baby Jump and 1971 pages.

MARC VISCEL : How about this brilliant piece of artwork from our friend, Marc Viscel over in New Jersey?

2020 STATISTICS: We thought that you may be interested to know that in 2020, we had a total of 9,575 visitors to the site from 130 countries.

That’s pretty good for what was a fairly bleak year for lots of reasons.

Let’s see if we can top this in 2021 in what (we hope) will be a better year for everyone!

Happy New Year to you all from Derek and Alan!

THE BOOK:  MUNGO JERRY – IN THE SUMMERTIME : The Life and Times Of Ray Dorset (aka Mungo Jerry) is now very close to completion and has contributions from several former band members.

Author Mick O’Hanlon told me, “Ray is working on it and he wants to put it to bed as soon as possible. He is concentrating on getting the early years right and tight.”

DIARY 2020: .A diary page for the year 2020 has been added to the diary section and will of course, in time, cover the time period for 2020-2024 in keeping with the other pages. Click HERE to view.

RADIO BIELEFELD INTERVIEW – 2005: Click HERE to listen to an interview Ray did with Radio Bielefeld in 2005 found for us by John Hornhaver and located on our 2005-09 Diary page.

Mungo Jerry news - The Beat magazine cover.INTERVIEW: The Beat magazine featured Mungo Jerry in their November issue with Ray enjoying a cuppa on the front cover taken by wife Britta.

ANOTHER INTERVIEW: JJ found another excellent Ray Dorset interview with Michael Limnios.

Just click HERE


Mungo Jerry news - A & B side compilation sleeve.The new compilation double CD from Beat Goes On Records is to be released on November 27th.

It will feature all of Mungo Jerry’s A and B-sides from the Dawn singles and also features tracks taken from albums.

By clicking HERE, you can read a review of the CD.

Disc One :

In The Summertime/Mighty Man/Dust Pneumonia Blues/See Me/Mother “!”!”!”Boogie/Johnny B.Badde/My Friend/Baby Jump/The Man Behind The Piano/Live From Hollywood/Santo Antonio, Santo Francisco/Peace In The Country/Somebody Stole My Wife/Follow Me Down/Lady Rose/Have a Whiff On Me/Milk Cow Blues/Little Louis

Disc Two:

You Don’t Have To Be In The Army To Fight In The War/The Sun Is Shining/O’Reilly/We Shall Be Free/On a Sunday/There’s a Man Going Round Taking Names/Open Up/Going Back Home/I Don’t Wanna Go Back To School/No Girl Reaction/My Girl & Me/Summer’s Gone/46 & On/It’s a Goodie Boogie Woogie/Alright Alright Alright/Little Miss Hipshake/Wild Love/Glad I’m a Rocker/Long Legged Woman Dressed In Black/Gonna Bop ‘Til I Drop/All Dressed Up And No Place To Go/Shake ‘Til I Break/Too Fast To Live and Too Young To Die/Burnin’ Up/She Rowed.

Click BGO for more info.

Cartoon Club gig.R.I.P GLEN: Some very sad news has reached us here at ‘Magic’ that Glen Lee, drummer in the Mungo Jerry band in the mid-80’s, has passed away after a long illness.

Glen is pictured here, far left.

Our condolences to his family and friends.

WELL SAID DANNY: The radio and TV presenter Danny Baker it seems is a Mungo Jerry fan and posted a nice message on his Twitter page and this was taken up by some of his followers. You can read the comments now on the Mungo Jerry Twitter page by clicking HERE

Cold Blue Excursion sleeve.COLD BLUE EXCURSION: Ray Dorset’s 1972 solo album, Cold Blue Excursion is now available for download on Spotify.

Click Spotify to view the tracks.

BELGIUM MEDIA: Rob Kamphues has let us know of three current adverts being shown in Belgium.

First advert click HERE

Second advert click HERE

Third advert click HERE

He also tipped us off about a Dutch TV review of In The Summertime. Click HERE

HEY GYP: Bruce Brand let us know of a radio play of Mungo Jerry’s version of Donovan’s, Hey Gyp, Dig The Slowness from the Naked From The Heart album on his pal, Dan Whaley’s radio show.

It comes in at around 24 minutes. Click HERE

SET LISTS: Check out the various ‘Diary’ pages as we have been adding set lists to the various dates starting with 1970 and on…

ROCK ‘N REEL: Look out for a nice piece about Mungo Jerry in the September/October edition of the ‘folk/roots’ magazine, Rock ‘n Reel.

KARAOKE MUNGO: New to Mungo Jerry Raw Vision and YouTube is this, the only official karaoke version of Ray’s legendary composition, In The Summertime, celebrating being 50 years old in 2020.

The video was created by Ray Dorset and Darren Jones.

SAD NEWS: Ray Dorset was sad to hear of the passing of his good friend Thomas Fabel in August 2020.

BEST SONG POLL: The final positions on our ‘best Mungo Jerry song poll’ have now been published to the site with a runaway winner.

Amazingly, there are 139 different song choices!

Click HERE to view the final table.

MUNGO MAGIC:  Click HERE to check out a sports outfit with a familiar sounding name in Bamberg, Germany.

STUTTGARTER ZEITUNG: Click HERE for another 50 year celebration piece. 

REGIO TV: Click HERE to see Ray playing In The Summertime on Regio TV.

RAY ON THE FEHMARN FESTIVAL:  Click HERE to watch Ray chatting about the Fehmarn Festival on their Facebook page.

TEN ALBUMS THAT CHANGED RAY’S LIFE:  Click HERE to read about ten albums that changed Ray’s life.

Mungo Jerry news - Bob's drum skin.BOB’S NEW DRUM SKIN: Mungo Jerry’s drummer, Bob White has a fantastic new bass drum skin featuring the Mungo logo.

ISLE OF FESTIVAL 1970: Located on YouTube is footage of Joni Mitchell’s appearance at 1970’s Isle Of Wight Festival. As she leaves the stage she passes some of the Mungo band at around 1 hour 7 minutes.

Click IOW 1970

COMING UP:  In the UK, the Daily Telegraph and THE GUARDIAN ran features on Mungo Jerry during the summer of 2020.

B.B.C Three Counties radio interviewed Ray with host Justin Dealey, who got Ray to sing and play a couple of tunes on his first guitar, including In The Summertime.

Ray also appeared on radio in the U.S.A taking part in a 30 minute interview in the Boston area.

NEW ZEALAND INTERVIEWRay has been interviewed by a New Zealand radio station chatting to host Jim mainly about In The Summertime.

Click HERE to listen

JJ STRIKES AGAIN: JJ in France once again supplied us with a nice looking piece he has found. It is in French but there is an option to translate.

Just click HERE

TALK RADIO: Ray was interviewed on Talk Radio here in the UK at 15.45 on Sunday (26/07/20).

ZDF TV:  In The Summertime was featured on German TV in ‘Vollekanne’ @ ZDF, a huge morning show with an audience of 2 million, as part of a feature on the ‘Greatest Summer Hits’ of all time.

MUSIKWOCHE: A ‘congratulations-feature’ in Musikwoche in Germany will appear the first week in September and will feature the cartoon clip of In The Summertime.

NDR1, GERMANY: Another great piece of exposure in Germany with an English translation below, courtesy (once again by Darren Jones).

Click HERE for the interview.

“One night in 1968. The young English musician Ray Dorset sits on the bed. Suddenly he has an idea that should change his life. In the summertime, when the weather is high, you can chase right up and touch the sky …  

“In summer, when the weather is great, you can run around and touch the sky …” poems Ray Dorset that night. But first it disappears into the drawer. It wasn’t until early 1970 that Ray pulled it out. It fits wonderfully with his new band called Mungo Jerry.

“The special thing about this troupe: it has no drummer, plays while sitting and makes inexpensive music: there is blowing on a wine jug, jingling an upset piano, stamping with the feet on the floor and working on a washboard.

“In the middle sits singer Ray Dorset with huge curly hair, huge sideburns and shows his tooth gap with a big grin.

From break filler to major attraction

“The record hit stores in 1970 and the next day Mungo Jerry played at the Hollywood Festival. And this appearance has it all. 35,000 people come to Newcastle-under-Lyme to see super groups like Traffic, Black Sabbath and Grateful Dead.

“Mungo Jerry, the crazy blues band with the instruments from the household department, is supposed to be just a break filler. But the audience races with enthusiasm and makes the cool guys around singer Ray Dorset the stars of the festival.

“This is the beginning of a short but worldwide Mungo Jerry – and above all In The Summertime hysteria.

“To this day, In The Summertime is the greatest summer hit ever.”

Union Square Records/BMG have posted a very good brand new cartoon video of In The Summertime on YouTube complete with the correct lyrics. It already has over 412,000 views!

Also worth a mention is that the official Mungo Jerry channel on YouTube has over 95,000 subscribers!

More Great News: SWR 4, the Hit Station of SWR will invite all their approx’ 2.3 Million listeners to join the public singing of In The Summertime on July 5th in Waiblingen, near Stuttgart.

Jon Playle: Click THEY SAID for an interesting piece by former Mungo Jerry bass player, Jon Playle who talks us through his time with the Mungo band.

In The Summertime – 50th Anniversary Version: In The Summertime – 50th Anniversary version by Mungo’s Boot Power Band was made available in July.

Impact date, was the 17th and release date, the 31st. Recorded by fans and band members, past and present.

German Magazine: Ray conducted an interview with a German magazine during the lockdown June 2020 and answered questions about In The Summertime, Mighty Man and the Hollywood Music Festival in 1970.

Click HERE to read the full interview.

In The Summertime Testimonials: Click HERE to read our page packed with testimonials about Mungo Jerry’s 50 year worldwide chart-topper, In The Summertime with messages from fans, from all over the world, including a nice comment from Eddy Grant of The Equals fame.

Baby Jump review: Click HERE to read an internet review, found by Derek, to our dedicated Baby Jump page, and to see the whole piece on the net and read the visitors comments, click HERE

Mungo Jerry In The News: The Daily Telegraph on the 16th June had a major interview with Ray Dorset covering his life, health, music and more.

Mungo Jerry news - Record Collector 2020.Classic Rock magazine July 20, issue 277,  had a two page spread on Mungo Jerry – Mungo Jerry news - Classic Rock 2020.The Stories Behind The Songs –  ” Mungo Jerry laughing all the way to the top of the charts, but sadly not to the bank”.

Also a good feature in July’s Record Collector, issue 507, ‘Mungo Jerry, One-hit wonders? Au contraire (on the contrary) .

We pay overdue respect to these leading lights of early 70s UK rock. This a four page article with interviews with Ray Dorset and Paul King.

B.B.C Solent: Ray featured on B.B.C Solent on the 25th of May on the Alex Dyke show. You can catch up by clicking – B.B.C SOLENT.

Hello Nadine: Click HERE to view a video on the Singles 75-81 page that I hadn’t seen before, sourced by John Hornhaver from Denmark, of Ray and the band, including Joe Rush, performing Hello Nadine back in the day.

Lockdown – Thank You song: Ray has come up with a ‘Lockdown – Thank You’ song recorded at his home from an idea by wife Britta. Ray has played all of the instruments and of course the vocals. Mungo Jerry’s bass player Darren Jones created the video.

The video has already clocked up over 25,000 hits on You Tube!

Comments coming in included;

“…Great song and unbelievable how quickly you put it together and played all of the instruments on it yourself. Now that’s what I call talent!…”

“Mungo Jerry’s ‘Lockdown Song’ thanks all the teachers and NHS workers, along with all other keyworkers. Nice to feel appreciated…”

“…great enjoyment…”

“…love the song, some terrific photography…”

“…Excellent, hope that’ll end soon so we can live again…”

“…made me smile again…”

“…it’s a great morale booster!…”

“…love that song, definitely spot on Ray…”

“…well done Ray, good luck with it…”

“…the latest fabulous offering from our Minister Of Blue Skies and the Summertime…”

…”Excellent Ray and the team. I am sure that it will put a smile on a lot of faces…”

…”great idea, a big hug of solidarity to key workers and all of us…”

“…Weydon School get a mention in this, thank you Mungo Jerry…”


News Snippet: The band will be featured in the documentary playing live at a show and also maybe recording talking and jamming.

As we celebrated the 50th anniversary of the Hollywood Festival, click HERE to read Ray’s memories of the gig.

Xstreme sleeve.XSTREME : The Mungo Jerry studio album, Xstreme is available to buy as a download from Spotify, including the latest single Messing Around – Charleston Electro-Beat mix.

The physical albums are with a German company, HD Seven Us and the UK distributor that ships worldwide is Cargo. One Media IP deals with Spotify, iTunes etc.

There is some stock in the Mungo online shop along with the other merchandise. Click HERE to buy.

We now have a page dedicated to the album – just click Xstreme – where we have reviews, including Mick O’Hanlon’s and Uli Twelker track-by-track take – and Ray talking about each track.

You can also purchase the Touch The Sky album from the shop now.

Touch The Sky features the new studio tracks that appeared as part of the Rewind double-CD, along with three live recordings from a gig in Germany.

To order, click HERE

Joe at Newcastle Under-Lyme, 2000.

JOE RUSH: Sadly, our old friend, Joe Rush passed away in France in 2020 after a long illness. Here are a few of the tributes paid to Mungo Jerry’s washboard king and most colourful character.

“It is of the most deepest regret that I make this announcement.

“My dear friend Joe Rush has passed away after fighting a long and courageous battle against a devastating illness.

“Joe and I played gigs together since’65 & the vibe we created was an important part of the Mungo Jerry history.”…Ray Dorset.

“I too have just heard the very sad news from Ray. Even though I knew that he was very ill, it still comes as a huge shock to me.

“My first meeting with Joe was in 1976 when the band played a week long tour of clubs in the Newcastle Upon Tyne area.

 I’m proud to say that I thought the world of him.

“We called each other fairly regularly and he would feed me countless stories from the past. Usually very funny and kept me entertained for hours. He was just so happy to chat about Mungo Jerry.

“I still wish that he had remained with the band instead of leaving just before In The Summertime broke. His washboard playing really was the icing on the cake for me back in those early days.

“Those fans who attended the thirty year anniversary gigs at Newcastle Under-Lyme will never forget his ‘antics’ .

“R.I.P Joe, great mate, great character and top man”!…Alan Taylor.

“Goodbye to our old friend Joe Rush it was a pleasure knowing you and being in your company.

“The influence you had on Ray Dorset before he took on the persona of Mungo Jerry has always been apparent. Music lovers worldwide will have you to thank for that.

“You were the old school rascal who lived life to the full with many talents always entertaining us with your on stage antics…” Derek Wadeson.

“I’m very sad to hear of Joe’s passing. He was a great character who kept everybody constantly amused. I always enjoyed playing with him and I have some lovely memories. If possible, could you pass on my condolences to his family and friends…” Dave Lambert.

“Just heard the sad news about poor old Joe Rush. I haven’t seen him for at least 25 years but always have fond memories of him. Especially in the Jigilo Jug Band and when we went out as a duo (Pub Entertainer of the Year etc).  

“He was a real character with a fistful of thimbles, a beer in one hand and a fag in the corner of his mouth. He would say about three quarters of the way through a gig …  ” I’m drifting away with the colonials.” I expect that is what he is doing now.

“He was a pleasure to know and make music with. My condolences go out to his children and family…” Paul King.

Click the link to visit JOE’S PAGE

Click the link to visit JOE RUSH’S INTERVIEW

AUTOGRAPH REQUESTS: Just a quick reminder that unfortunately, the official Mungo Jerry website – – are unable to provide autographs due to the overwhelming volume of requests.

ROB KAMPHUES – NEW WEBSITE : Our friend Rob Kamphues has a brand new website covering his vast Mungo Jerry collection, believed to be the biggest in the world.

Click HERE to check it out.

TERRY EVENNETT: Ray pictured backstage at last year’s Half Moon gig with top man & Pye studio engineer Terry Evennett.

Mungo Jerry news - Terry Evenett and Ray.It was Terry that was responsible for the recording of In the Summertime when Howard Barrow asked him to take care of a session.

Terry was also engineer on those early recordings for Dawn.

As ever, the band went down very well…

“Thank you to Ray Dorset and band for a blistering gig last night!”…Half Moon, Putney.

“Awesome gig last night at the iconic Half Moon, Putney, London. I’ve waited 50 years to do the gig there and it was worth the wait. Thanks to all that came and made a great night and thanks to my very special wonderful band members”…Ray Dorset.

Mungo Jerry news - Ray Clark's book about Weeley.MUNGO JERRY ON THE ONE SHOW : Ray’s contribution to the B.B.C programme, The One Show and their feature on the 1971 Weeley Festival, was shown in June, 2019.

The piece was inspired by Ray Clark’s excellent book about the festival. To buy click HERE

By chance, I came across the original promo film for You Don’t Have To Be In The Army To Fight In The War, shot at the Weeley Festival in 1971 and you can view the video on our page for Mungo Jerry’s fourth maxi-single.

FACEBOOK : There is a Mungo Jerry discussion page up-and-running on Facebook, something else I came across by accident. Click HERE and log-in to have a look.


Now available from the official Mungo Jerry on-line shop are two brilliant DVD/CD’s.

The long awaited Mungo Jerry movie, 24 Days is a documentary style record of Ray and the band’s tour of Germany, Switzerland and Belgium during the summer of 2016.

Mungo Jerry news - Marc Viscel with DVD's.
Marc Viscel with his copies.

The package is completed by a complete recording of the tour’s last gig in Baden Baden. It is a show performed for the German national radio station, SWR. It was broadcast live, playing out to a black and white version of the movie.

The second DVD is film of the Bansko Jazz Festival gig the band performed in 2017. A CD of the gig containing featured tracks is also included in the package.