Baby Jump Sheet Music.
Baby Jump Sheet Music.

The critics pondered over how Mungo Jerry could follow-up the hugely successful, In The Summertime but they needn’t have been concerned as it was followed up by the hard-rocking stomper Baby Jump, another Ray Dorset composition and…another number one hit!

Over the years, Ray Dorset has become known as the songwriter and his alter-ego, Mungo Jerry as the performer.

Tracks: Baby Jump, The Man Behind The Piano/Live From Hollywood.


“After the decision not to run with Have a Whiff On Me, Follow Me Down was also considered, Barry decided on Baby Jump after I had come up with the new lyric. I had no title and suggested that I call the song Baby Jump but I was unsure, Barry said that it was a good idea.

“The groove that we created on stage with this one was tremendous and we also used to play it at the rock‘n roll clubs, Barry had been to one of the gigs at the Northcote Arms and was excited about the dance that was going on down there, he got some guys and girls to come to the studio and be photographed to show how it was done.

“In fact it was at one of these gigs that I came up with the idea for the song. Somebody called out for me to play Brand New Cadillac but I didn’t know it, although I had heard the song, so I just played the riff on the guitar and everybody in the band joined in and I made up and mumbled some words, it developed from there.

“It was also good that it was totally different from anything else that we had recorded so it would surprise the critics who thought that we would most probably follow up In The Summertime with something similar. It was a good move”.



Another maxi-single and fantastic value for money, when one considers some albums are currently being released with only twelve minutes music per side. This has two chart contenders – the rocking Baby Jump and jugband,  The Man Behind The Piano which totals seven minutes forty, and a live cut from last years Hollywood Festival lasting nine minutes fifty. The atmosphere throughout is fun and great quantities of energy are released. It may be skiffle, but by God it makes the old thimble fingers itch.

Music Press, 1971.


One might have expected Mungo to retain its jug-cum-skiffle approach following the sensational success of In The Summertime. But this is quite different – it’s harder, heavier and much more biting. In fact,  it’s nothing more or less than good old rock’n roll!

It bulldozes along at a fair old rate, with boogie piano pyrotechnics offsetting Dorset’s dynamic vocal, so that it sounds rather like Jerry Lee Lewis accompanying Little Richard! And above all, there’s the beat – pounding, demanding and thoroughly infectious.

Not such a distinctive track as ‘Summertime’ but still very good of its kind. Runs over four minutes and on the same side is the 3 1/2 minute Man Behind The Piano. Flip side is a ten minute medley recorded live in Hollywood. All of which adds up to the type of value that disc collectors deserve and I’m sure they’ll go for this in a big way.

Music Press, 1971.


Rather slow on the heels of In The Summertime, which, I am informed is STILL selling in ridiculous quantities abroad, comes this release from MJ. Another Dawn maxi-single, it contains the title track, plus The Man Behind The Piano and features on the b-side, Live From Hollywood, a badly produced, but very exciting live recording from the scene of Mungo Jerry’s emergence as something different at last year’s Hollywood Festival.

Baby Jump is a nice uninhibited gravel-vocalled offering written by Ray Dorset and containing some amusing lyrics. I prefer The Man Behind The Piano, which is far more original and the b-side as the sleeve notes put it – “it’s rough and ready beset with technical problems, but the atmosphere was really great”.

This really is good value, even if it might not be such an innovation as In The Summertime was. You can tell why it is called ‘Good time music’.

Music Press, 1971.


“Baby, Baby, Baby jump into my dream”, and it’s everything rock ‘n roll should be, hard and uninhibited, don’t think about it – DO IT!

The Hollywood Festival was one of the best festivals of 1970 and it was where Mungo Jerry first happened. Here is an aural record of that moment. The recording was rough and ready beset with technical problems but the atmosphere was great and we think it makes stimulating listening.

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